IG-0042 - Instagram Special - Matte Paper Print 8x10" - Shipping Included!

Tree Art Print - Matte Paper Print 8x10" - Hilltop Tree Rose

$22.00 $27.00

8x10" Paper Print

This Instagram Special is for one 8x10" Matte Paper Print with SHIPPING INCLUDED in the price (plus tax where applicable).  This print is a new item, the same as offered in our shop, but listed here at a discounted price for this piece only.  Once this item is sold it will be marked as sold out.  The discounted price applies to this item only.

(If this item is purchased along with other items in the shop, then shipping charges will be calculated for the other items in the cart.)

8x10" Matte Paper Prints with Border

Matte Paper Prints are created in the artist's studio.  

* Paper size is 8.5 x 11", image size is 8x10"

* Signed on bottom right.  Small font copyright info on bottom left.

* Each print comes in a clear sleeve with a backing board.  

* Watermark text or logos on online art images are not present on the products.

* The thin black border on the edge of the photo is not part of the product.

* Pictures of artwork are as color-accurate as possible, but please be aware that the color in the photos may be slightly different than the actual product. 

* All artwork & graphics are protected under international copyright laws and can not be reproduced or distributed in any manner without permission.