IG-0008 - Instagram Special - 5x7 Borderless Prints 5 Piece Set - Hollywood Landmarks

IG-0008 - Instagram Special - 5x7 Borderless Prints 5 Piece Set - Holl

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A set of 5 Borderless Paper Prints, size 5x7" each.  Images from the Architecture / Hollywood Landmarks Series.  The photographed items are what you will receive!  These will ship bagged and boarded, in a USPS Priority Envelope.

Any marks or light reflections are on or from the plastic bags.  The prints inside the bags are not damaged or have any blemishes, they are brand new!  The bags are just easily scuffed.


More info about this item:

Borderless Paper Prints

Borderless Prints are created in the artist's studio.  

* Sizes are 5x7"

* Each print comes in a clear sleeve with a backing board.  

* Signature reproduction and website info on bottom edge of print (very small font).

* Watermark text or logos on online art images are not present on the products.

* Pictures of artwork are as color-accurate as possible, but please be aware that the color in the photos may be slightly different than the actual product. 

* All artwork & graphics are protected under international copyright laws and can not be reproduced or distributed in any manner without permission.