IG-0026 - Instagram Special - 4x4 Original Oil Painting - Heart Series - Purple / Red

Original Oil Painting - Heart Series - 4x4 Inch Mini Art Piece

$60.00 $70.00

A 4x4" Original Mini Oil Painting by artist Mark S Brunner.  New work in the ongoing Hearts & Headlines series, this painting being a single heart.  Highly textured and vibrantly colorful, this little oil painting has a glossy surface, and is signed on the back.  Offered at an Instagram Special price!

This oil painting was made with birch-ply panels, gesso primer and oil paints.  It is signed on the back.  

This painting measures 4" x 4" - 1 5/8" Deep
Painted Sides - Ready To Hang

* 1 5/8" thick, gallery-quality panels made in USA.

* Hand-painted sides, dark brown color.

* Easy to hang on wall or display on shelf / table.

* Watermark text / logo on online art images is not present on the products.

* Pictures of artwork are as color-accurate as possible, but please be aware that the color in the photos may be slightly different than the actual product. 

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