Sculpture: Gear Flower: 4 inch, Silver A

Sculpture: Gear Flower: 4 inch, Silver A


Artist-Made Sculpture

"Gear Flower" 
Silver A
Sculpture Cast in Resin 
Hand Finished, Signed and Dated on Bottom
4 inch gear, 11 inches tall

Originally sculpted in clay, this series of resin-cast sculptures are available in many colors - gold, silver, red, blue, green, magenta, orange and black. Each 15.5-inch-tall piece is finished by hand, so each one is different. The artist signature and year of completion are on the base of each sculpture.

Collected by art lovers and designer toy fans alike, these sculptures have been shown in California galleries like Secession Gallery SF and GDCA Gallery LA, and at shows like DesignerCon, Monsterpalooza, WonderCon, Denver Pop Culture Con, Phoenix Fan Fusion, L.A. Comic Con and more.

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